Arrow Episode 509 ‘What We Leave Behind’

We find out who Prometheus is and watch Oliver make a devastating mistake. WE also see a familiar face. The recap is below!

arrow stephen amell david ramsey 509
The Flashback

We flashback four years prior to the early days of Oliver being the Hood and targeting the people on his father’s list. Specifically about Justin Claybourne who jacked up prices for Dycloserol, a drug that fights tuberculosis. Oliver attacks Claybourne giving him about 12 hours to make things right. Oliver does some more digging and finds out Claybourne created weaponized tuberculosis. He plans to kill him but Diggle warns him that his actions might lead to unintended consequences.

Oliver goes to Felicity who’s working in IT at Queens Consolidated with one of his stories trying to get her to help him get some info. Oliver ends up killing Claybourne with an arrow to the heart.

A traitorous move

Evelyn brings Prometheus intel on Oliver and everyone he cares about telling him that she wants to watch Oliver die. He tells her that he’s not going to kill Oliver, just make him wish he was dead.

Thea has put together a holiday party for Oliver and is surprised when Susan shows up as his date. Felicity is there with Billy and awkwardly introduces him to Curtis, his husband and Oliver. Paul is pissed after Felicity accidentally spills the beans that they don’t work together anymore. As they’re leaving they’re confronted by Prometheus who ends up getting the upper hand and throws a throwing star dagger into Curtis chest.

Curtis wakes up in the hospital with questions from Paul about his new found fighting skills. Oliver and Felicity show up and he tells Oliver Prometheus only attacked him and Oliver realizes Prometheus knows who they are. Oliver tells Felicity that the doctors found Dycloserol in his system.

They return to the base to update the team about the connection between the Dycloserol Prometheus used and how it ties to the Hood. Oliver thinks Claybourne may be Prometheus and they head to the old Claybourne manufacturing plant. They get there but when Oliver goes to check an unlocked door Prometheus unlocks it for him. A phone starts ringing and lights flicker drawing him in before the door closes behind him. Prometheus is there and is they face off after a super cool show of one of the throwing stars slicing Oliver’s arrow in half.

Rene and Evelyn get there but Evelyn shows her true colors shooting down Rene’s gun. They set off an explosion and disappear. They return to the cave and start making plans for their loved ones. Paul confronts Curtis about what’s really going on and he tells him the truth. Paul is over it because he’s been lying to him for months and tells him he needs to choose: be a vigilante or be his husband.